About Church Leadership Resources

About Church Leadership Resources

Church Leadership Resources was birthed out of the heart of Bill Scheidler to equip pastors and leaders to be able to disciple and to train their own team of leaders in the church, by the church and for the church Bill believes that the local church should be the primary place where leaders are equipped for and released into ministry.  Many pastors understand this also, but they often lack the resources for this or they cannot afford to tap into the resources that are available.  Sometimes, in order to tap into what is available, they must become officially connected to another organization where the program requirements are not under their control.

The only other option for many pastors is to send their youngest and brightest away for training.  In this case, these young people rarely stay connected to the mother church, they learn someone else’s philosophy of ministry and they rarely return to strengthen their local church when their education is completed.

Church Leadership Resources’ mission is to provide high quality resources for free or at an affordable cost to the user.  Because all of the material on this website is under the copyright of Bill Scheidler and all of the services are provided in an electronic format, pastors and church leaders can easily access the relevant material that they need for a fraction of what these resources would normally cost.

Church Leadership Resources will continue to develop more materials for use in the church world to assist every local church in becoming the full expression of what God ordained that it should be.

“Equipping the Body of Christ to Fulfill Purpose and Achieve Destiny”

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