School of Ministry Curriculum English
Updated On: May 12, 2023

The School of Ministry Curriculum (English)

The School of Ministry Curriculum can be utilized in a variety of ways within the context of the local church.  It can be a resource for training on various levels, including personal growth, internship programs, Bible Schools, leadership training, youth ministry, adult education, church planting and small group ministry.  In addition, it can be used for assignments within the counseling process, for equipping business leaders, for resources for missionaries, for personal study, topical study and sermon preparation.

All courses consist of sessions divisible by 12, either 12, 24 or 36 lessons in each course.  This is to facilitate a 12-week trimester.  They were originally given in a 45 minute teaching session. When you download any of these, along with that download comes the permission to reprint any or all of the sermon content for your local use when proper credit is given.

All courses are arranged alphabetically and  have several potential downloads including

  • The A4 Edition
  • The A4 Print Edition is a PDF file that will print to A4 format.
  • The 8 ½ X11 Edition
  • The 8 ½ X11 Print Edition is a PDF file that will print to the 8 ½ X11 format.
  • PowerPoint (in most cases)
  • Audio Files that can be downloaded for each lesson in the course (in most cases).

More Information:
Acts of the Apostles
Basic Doctrine 1
Basic Doctrine 2
Biblical Counseling
Church Planting
Current Trends
Family Issues
Holy Spirit
Interpreting the Scriptures/Hermeneutics
Life Management 1 - Discovering Destiny
Life Management 2 - Achieving Destiny
Life Management 3 - Work and Destiny
Life of Christ
Life of Moses
Local Church
Ministering to Personal Needs
New Testament Survey
Old Testament Survey
Pastoral Ministry
Prayer & Personal Bible Study
Social Roles and Relationships
Speech Communication
Victorious Christianity
Vison & Values
Walking in Present Truth