Course Descriptions
Updated On: Jan 04, 2023

Course Descriptions

Level One Courses – Basic Christianity

Level one courses are especially designed for the discipleship and growth of every believer in Christ to become true, reproducing disciples of Christ.

Victorious Christianity.  A 24 lesson study on the spiritual foundation of the life of every believer including repentance, faith, water baptism, baptism of the Holy Spirit, forgiveness, and other basic Christian disciplines.

Discipleship.  A 24 lesson study of the basic disciplines of the Christian life, intended to strengthen and deepen the believer, producing a true, reproducing disciple of Christ.

Prayer & Personal Bible Study.  A 12 lesson exploration of two key disciplines in the life of every believer coupled with a study of the basic tools and methods for studying the Bible, particularly as it pertains to the personal devotional life of the believer.

Basic Doctrine 1.  A 24 lesson study of some of the major doctrines of the Bible, including the doctrines of Scripture, God, Man, Sin and Satan.  These studies form the basis for establishing a biblical world view.

Basic Doctrine 2.  A 24 lesson continuation of Basic Doctrine I covering the doctrine of Christ, Angels, the Holy Spirit, the Church, Heaven, Hell and Eschatology. These studies form the basis for establishing a biblical world view.

Life Management 1 – Discovering Destiny.  This 12 lesson study is designed to lead the student on a journey of discovering God’s will and purpose for his or her life and how that life fits into God’s eternal purpose.

Life Management 2 – Achieving Destiny.  This 12 lesson study focuses on managing the resources of one’s life to achieve one’s destiny.  It includes goal setting, organization, and time and money management.

Life Management 3 – Work and Destiny.  This 12 lesson study focuses on how our life’s work or career can lead to living a life of significance, glorifying God and fulfilling God’s agenda or eternal purpose.

Social Roles/Relationships.  A 12 lesson study exploring our relationships with God, government, parents and peers with a special emphasis on cultivating friendship relationships, dating, courtship and marriage.

Family Issues.  A 24 lesson survey of family relationships, roles and responsibilities from a biblical viewpoint, including  marriage, divorce, parenting, grand-parenting, blended families  and the ministry of the family.

Evangelism.  A 12 lesson study designed to equip the believer with tools needed to become more effective in communicating the Gospel and building bridges to those who do not know Christ.

Old Testament Survey.  A 24 lesson survey of all the Old Testament books, emphasizing their historical setting and thematic content. Each book is highlighted for its relationship to Christ and for its special contribution to the rest of Scripture.

New Testament Survey.  A 24 lesson survey of all of the New Testament books, emphasizing their historical settings and thematic content.  Each book is highlighted for its relationship to Christ and the Church and to its special contribution to the rest of Scripture.                  

Level Two Courses – Advanced Discipleship

Level two courses are designed for believers who desire to grow more personally and to become effective in ministry and service to those within and outside the local church.

Life of Christ/Gospels. A 24 lesson study of the life, ministry, miracles and teachings of Jesus Christ taken from parallel gospel accounts.

Genesis.  A 24 lesson study with particular emphasis on Genesis 1-11 which are basic to the Christian world view and lay the foundation for the purposes of  God and many of the covenants between God and man.

Local Church.  A 24 lesson study of the local church in God’s eternal purpose, including a practical emphasis on the biblical pattern, the structure and the ministries that make up and contribute to the success of the local church today.

Holy Spirit.  A 24 lesson study of the person and work of the Holy Spirit with special emphasis on the fruit of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit as they pertain to the individual believer.

Ministering to Personal Needs.  A 12 lesson study dedicated to equipping the believer to minister to people in personal areas, including salvation, water baptism, baptism of the Spirit, healing and basic counseling.

Speech Communication.  This course is designed to equip the student with principles that will help him or her to become more confident and effective in public speaking. 

Walking in Present Truth.  A 24 lesson study of  the biblical principles of restoration as they apply to the history of God’s people, the future of the Church and God’s unique work in the life of every believer.

Level Three – Basic Leadership Training

Level three courses are designed to equip leaders in all areas of ministry both within and outside of the context of the local church.

Acts of the Apostles.  A 24 lesson study of the Book of Acts with special attention given to the growth and development of the Early Church and to the pattern that Paul provides for modern leadership ministry.

The Life of Moses.  This 24 lesson study looks at the life of a significant leader in the history of God’s dealing with His people and principles of leadership that can be drawn from his life (Exodus- Deuteronomy).

Leadership.  A 24 lesson study of the biblical qualifications for leadership, important keys to success as a leader and timeless leadership principles that serve as a basis for a person’s ministry as a leader.

Vision and Values.  A 24 lesson leadership development course focusing on defining, developing, and implementing core values, vision and appropriate strategies in growing a church or building a business.

Biblical Counseling.  A 24 lesson study of the biblically based principles and techniques of counseling and their application to a variety of problems that are common among people.

Level Four – Church Leadership

Level four courses are specifically designed to equip those who feel called to a life of local church leadership, teaching, preaching and church planting.

Pastoral Ministry.  This 24 lesson class deals with the biblical foundation for the pastoral ministry and specific guidelines for common areas of pastoral practice in the pastor’s private and public functions.

Interpreting the Scriptures.  A 24 lesson study of the basic principles governing the accurate interpretation of Scripture and how to use them effectively.

Homiletics (Preaching).  A 24 lesson study of the principles relating to the spiritual feeding of a congregation and the technical preparation and delivery of sermons. 

Evaluating Current Trends.  A 12 lesson biblical study of the principles one uses to discern trends and true and false ministry with a special emphasis on the analysis of various trends currently affecting the church world.

Church Planting.  A 24 lesson look at the biblical basis for church planting with particular emphasis on the practical process from preparation to implementation.

“Equipping the Body of Christ to Fulfill Purpose and Achieve Destiny”